Early Marriage Vs Late Marriage Essay Compare

Ok, I'll give me opinion about this questions :


according to you, what is the age that we consider it as early for marriage ? and  why ?


I think this age can be different from a place to another, according to many facts.

In general and according to laws, the early marriage is under 18 years old for woman, because the childhood according to international organizations goes to 16 years old.

most of countries if the world allow mariage from 18 years old for man and woman, including islamic countries, where my country is fixed for 18 years.

I think for nowdays, 18 years old is acceptible for woman, because she can carry most of the responsabilities of a wife and she finished her college and can go to university, and for man, it can go for 23 years old, where he can be responsible for a family and independent.


what are the advantages of the early marriage ? and disadvantages ? and  why ?


the advantage of men got married early, mean at the age of 23 years, he can resist the Temptations and strifes in his life, and learn to be responsible in hs life and serious, and focus eather in her job and plan for his life.

for the woman after 18 years old, the advantage is to save herself from temptations and focus in her studies and familly.

getting mrried early doesn't mean stopping studying, but it can be an incitation for work harder in her studying and be serious, and in the same time, she Sates her the emotional and physical requirements of the right way.


What are the advantages of the late marriage ? and disadvantages ?  and  why ?


For the advantages, I don't think there are many, only to have a good financial situations and ready for gerring married.

but the divadvantages are many for both of man and woman.

for man, getting married late, it may let this youth full of mistakes and taking the wrong way and trying to sate his requirements of the right way, and old geting married late, cause having childerns so young that father, mean having a huge difference of age between the father and his children, and that doesn't allow him to understand them very well and live with them like friend, and he can retire at theage of 60, although his children aren't 15 years old.

for the woman, it's worst, when the woman get married late, she loose hier youth and she may not be able to have children in a late ago, and she may take a wrong way to Sate her emotional requirements.


What is the appropriate difference of age between the man and woman ?


I think the ideal difference between man and woman would be 5 years old, because that may allow them to understand each other well, and it can goes to 10 years when both of sides agreed, and it can be much less, between 2 and three years difference with some people.


All that represent my opinion, an opinion which may accept error and inaccuracy.

so you're wlecom to comment, to make us able to learn and reach a conclusion at the end.

Compare and Contrast Early and Late Marriage

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Marriage is an inevitable stage of our life. However, people debate over the pros and cons of early marriage and late marriage. Some people get married early just because of their environment and culture. Some have to marry their partner due to pregnancy or other social issues. In some parts of the world, people focus more on education and career and they prefer to marry late. Undoubtedly, the marriage is one of the most important institutions of the society. Each person in the world would like to get married as a consequence, they want to have their children and their houses which is they can live. However, there is a comparison and contrast on marrying young or marrying late.

The first difference in marrying late or marrying early is…show more content…

Some young people decide to get married even without any sources to existing. The reason for lack of money in a young family is not only a low income but also radiant expectations of the young. Teenagers think they will be able to buy all that things immediately while their parents have needed years for achieving such wealth.

Having baby at early twenties can have some other advantages in early marriage compare to late marriage. In such cases, parents and children would grow up in similar culture and they can have more understandings to each other. Before the age of 50, they can be more relaxed because the children will be old enough to take care of themselves. When their children become teenagers, they’re still young enough to be not just their parents, but also their friends. Late marriage will result in late childbirth which is not very ideal for both mother’s and baby’s health. Then, people will give birth to fewer children than those in early marriages. Some might even plan to adopt one. Having fewer children means less bound between husband and wife. Parents are too old by the time their children get married. Probably not even chance to see their grandchildren.

Companionship exist in both early and late marriage. In a marriage there is always someone to talk to or to listen to you. Sometimes, of course, your spouse might not be 'really' listening to you but it is still more satisfying than talking to yourself. It is good

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