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  • AJAE is the top journal in the agricultural economics field according to studies reported by Kalaitzidakis, Mamuneas & Stengos (Canadian Journal of Economics, 2011), Kodrzycki and Yu (B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy, 2003), and Ritzberger (German Economic Review, 2008).
  • In 2012, 4,462 total citations make AJAE the most cited agricultural economics and policy journal and the 20th most highly cited journal among all economics titles
  • 41% of citations to journals in the field of agricultural economics and policy were to AJAE
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Agricultural Economics Research Review

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2016, issue 1

Impact of Nonfarm Activity on Rural Income Inequality in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal
S.M. Rahamana, S. Haldarb, B.V. Sowmyashree, S. Nandid, L. Malangmeih and B.K. Bera
Changing Cropping Pattern, Agricultural Diversification and Productivity in Odisha –A District-wise Study
D.K. Nayak
Crisis of Sustainability or Perils of Ill-managed Open Access Fisheries? Analysis of Long-term Catch Trends in Marine Fisheries of Maharashtra and India
M.S. Adiga, P.S. Ananthan, H.V.D. Kumari and V. Ramasubramanian
Is Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) Technology More Profitable than Conventional Method for Sugarcane Production? — An Economic Analysis
K. Arthi, V. Saravanakumar and R. Balasubramanian
Effect of Change in Indian Rice Price on Nepalese Rice Market: A Partial Equilibrium Model
B. Mishra, K.L. Poudel and D.R. Mishra
Impact of Integrated Farming of Water Chestnut and Cat Fish on Livelihood of Farmers in Seasonal Waterlogged Areas of Odisha
Saibal Ghosh, S.R. Chowdhury, R.K. Mohanty and P.S. Brahmanand
Crop Diversification in Gadag District of Karnataka
N.D. Basavaraj, T.M. Gajanana and M. Satishkumar
Export of Rice from India: Performance and Determinants
A. Adhikari, M.K. Sekhon and M. Kaur
Institutional Synergies in Processing and Value Addition: Role of a Producers’ Organisation in Transforming Farm Economy in Rural Punjab
U. Talukdar and K. Vatta
Issues Limiting the Progress in Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (NWR) Financing in India
Shalendra, M.S. Jairath, E. Haque and Peter V. Anu
Farm Business Income across Land-size Classes and Land Tenure Status: A Field Study in Assam Plains
B. Goswami
TFP Growth of Wheat and Paddy in Post-Green Revolution Era in India: Parametric and Non-Parametric Analysis
S. Bhushan
Total Factor Productivity Growth and Returns from Research Investment on Soybean in India
Purushottam Sharma and B.U. Dupare
Adoption Status and Influencing Factors of Mobile Telephony in Dairy Sector: A Study in Four States of India
P. Rathod, M. Chander and D. Bardhan
Patterns and Drivers of Dairy Development in India: Insights from Analysis of Household and District-level Data
A. Kishore, Pratap Birthal, P.K. Joshi, T. Shah and A. Saini

2015, issue 2

Efficiency of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme in Karnataka: A Comparative Study of Commercial and Co-operative Banks
S.M. Jainuddin, G.M. Hiremath and S.S. Patil
Crop Diversification towards High-value Crops in India: A State Level Empirical Analysis
S. Kumar and S. Gupta
Determination of Efficiency of Fish Farms in North-East India Using Data Envelopment Approach
N.D. Singh, M. Krishnan, N. Sivaramane, P.S. Ananthan and K.J.S. Satyasai
Agricultural Trade Structure and Linkages in SAARC: An Empirical Investigation
R. Saxena, R.K. Paul, S. Rana, S. Chaurasia, K. Pal, Zeeshan and D. Joshi
Trade Competitiveness and Impact of Food Safety Regulations on Market Access of India’s Horticultural Trade
S. Idris, A. Singh and K.V. Praveen
Total Factor Productivity Growth of Jowar and Bajra in India: A Comparative Analysis Using Different Methods of TFP Computation
Varun Das
Economic Gains from Technological and Marketing Interventions in Goat Production in India: An Ex-ante Assessment
A.K. Dixit, S.K. Singh, M.K. Tripathi, M.K. Singh and V. Kumar
Macro Level Priorities for Livestock Research and Development for Bihar
A.K. Jha and R.K.P. Singh
Impact of Government Intervention in Procurement of Rice on Smallholder Farmers in Subtropics of Jammu
R. Peshin, R. Sharma, V. Gupta, B. Ajrawat and K.S. Risam
Determinants of Small Milk Producers’ Participation in Organized Dairy Value Chains: Evidence from India
V.P. Sharma
Livestock, Women, and Child Nutrition in Rural India
Jaya Jumrani and Pratap Birthal
Willingness to Buy Organically Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs: A Consumers Survey in the East-Coast Region of United States
Ramu Govindasamy, S. Arumugam, Xinling You and I. Vellangany
Performance of Crop Yield and Rainfall Insurance Schemes in Odisha: Some Empirical Findings
Mamata Swain

2015, issue 1

Development of a Novel Web-based WebECGR Package for Estimation of Compound Growth Rates for Monotonically Non-decreasing Situations
S. Pal, Prajneshu and H. Ghosh
Economic Efficiency of Ring Seiners Operated off Munambam Coast of Kerala Using Data Envelopment Analysis
V. Chandrasekar and N. Gopal
Integration of Wheat Markets in Maharashtra
S.L. Mahalle, S. Shastri and S. Kumar
Status and Strategies for Strengthening of Agricultural Economics Research and Education in National Agricultural Research System of India
Investigating Agricultural Production Relations across Bangladesh, India and Pakistan Using Vector Error Correction and Markov-Switching Models
Anthony Rezitis and S.M. Ahammad
India’s National Food Security Act 2013: Food Distribution through Revamped Public Distribution System or Food Stamps and Cash Transfers?
S. Bathla, P. Bhattacharya and Alwin D'souza
Structural Change and Agricultural Performance at the State Level in India: 1980-2010
Hans Binswanger-Mkhize and Alwin D'souza
Modelling and Forecasting of Price Volatility: An Application of GARCH and EGARCH Models
A. Lama, G.K. Jha, R.K. Paul and B. Gurung
Supply Response of Horticultural Crops: The Case of Apple and Pear in Jammu & Kashmir
M.H. Wani, H. Sehar, R.K. Paul, A. Kuruvila and I. Hussain
Sources of Growth in Pulses Production in India
N.S. Rimal, S. Kumar, D.R. Singh, V.P. Chahal and Shaloo
Climate Adaptation in Agriculture through Technological Option: Determinants and Impact on Efficiency of Production
K. Vijayasarathy and K.R. Ashok
Gender Perspectives in Adoption of Technological Practices by Fishers and Fish Farmers in Tripura
B. Debnath, M. Krishnan, B. Debnatha, P.S. Ananthan, A. Sharma and R. Sharma
Group Dynamics and Collective Performance of Self-help Groups under Different Microcredit Delivery Models in Karnataka
S.C. Bharamappanavara and M. Jose
Nutrient Intake Optimization in Karnataka: A Linear Programming Approach
V.R. Kiresur and R. Chourad
Whither Food Policy and Institutions in India?
C.S.C. Sekhar
Recent Trend in Patenting Activity in India and its Implications for Agriculture
Ankita Kandpal, Neeru Bhooshan and Suresh Pal

2014, issue 2014

Development and Diffusion of Dryland Cereals in Semi-Arid Tropics of India — Role of Partnerships
Kumara D. Charyulu, N.P. Singh, Moses D. Shyam and C. Bantilan
PPP and Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture: Lessons from Field Studies
K. Ponnusamy, Dutta M. Das, Binoo P. Bonny and S. Mishra
Economic Sustainability through Farmers Interest Groups and their Linkage with Institutional Agencies — An Evidence from Karnataka
Suresh S. Patil, G.m Hiremath and G.B. Lokesh
Impact of a Cooperative Society on the Arecanut Marketing in Kerala — A Case Study of Central Arecanut Marketing and Processing Cooperative Ltd
N. Karunakaran
Self-help Groups as Drivers of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Karnataka and Odisha States
K.J.S. Satyasai, B.B. Sahoo and Smita N. Badajena
Institutional Credit to Mountain Agriculture: Issues of Structural Changes and Impact in Jammu & Kashmir
S.H. Baba, M.H. Wani, S.A. Wani, B.A. Zargar and N.A. Qammer
Role of Cooperatives in Institutionalization of Custom Hiring Services in Punjab
S.S. Chahal, P. Kataria, S. Abbott and B.S. Gill
Leapfrogging the Interventions of ICT Tools in Vegetable Intensification Pathways of Tamil Nadu: Farm Level Perceptions
B. Swaminathan, N. Anandaraja, Manikanda N. Boopathi, Siva K.C. Balan and N. Rajesh
Institutional Changes in Delivery of Agricultural Inputs and Services to Farm Households in India
P. Venkatesh and M.L. Nithyashree
Agricultural Credit in India – Innovations in Design and Delivery of Products and Services
R. Thejeswini, V.R. Kiresur, N.S. Preeti, M.Y. Teggi and G.A. Trilokanatha
Space Technology Institution for Technology Diffusion and Development in Agriculture: A Case Study
C.S. Shaijumon
Leveraging Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure of Dairy Cooperative Network: An ex-ante Analysis of Potential Institutional Innovation
D. Bardhan, Piyush Singh and S.C. Tripathi
Farmers’ Participation in Informal Groundwater Market in Hard Rock Areas of Peninsular India
A.V. Manjunatha, Asif Reza Anik, S. Speelman and E.A. Nuppenau
Whether an Effective Innovation System is Inevitable for Sectoral Value Chain Development? Evidence from Coconut Sector in Kerala
J. Somasekharan, K.P. Chandran and K.N. Harilal
Natural Rubber Sector in Tripura: Role of Institutional Innovations
Gaurav Sharma, George K. Tharian and S.K. Dey
Institutional Interventions in Addressing Labour Scarcity – A Study on Labour Bank Initiatives in Thrissur District of Kerala
M. Anoop, N. Ajjan and K.R. Ashok
Capitalizing the Potential of Private Sector in Strengthening Agri-Biotech R&D and Commercialization in India
Alka Singh, Girish K. Jha and Sandeep Kumar

2014, issue 2

Estimation of Economic Losses due to Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in Cattle and Buffaloes in India
B. Singh, S. Prasad, M.R. Verma and D.K. Sinha
Accelerating Groundwater and Energy Use for Agricultural Growth in Odisha: Technological and Policy Issues
S.K. Srivastava, R.C. Srivastava, R.R. Sethi, A. Kumar and A.K. Nayak
Estimation of Milk Losses due to Fasciolosis in Uttarakhand
D. Bardhan, R.R. Kumar, S. Nigam, H. Mishra and S. Bhoj
Cointegration, Causality and Impulse Response Analysis in Major Apple Markets of India
F.A. Beag and N. Singla
Crop Diversification and Environmental Conflicts in Kasaragod District of Kerala
N. Karunakaran
Economics of Electricity Generation Using Cattle Dung — A Case Study on Bio-methanation Power Plant in Ludhiana
A. Chaudhary and M. Goyal
Factors Determining Flock Size of Goats in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh
A.K. Dixit and M.K. Singh
Structural Growth and Development of Livestock Sector in North-Eastern Karnataka – An Economic Analysis
B. Sserunjogi and H. Lokesha
Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Structures and Economics of Crops in Parasai-Chhatpur Watershed in Bundelkhand Region of Central India
R. Kumari, B. Sharma, A. Kushwah, R. Singh, R.M. Singh, R.K. Tewari and S.K. Dhyani
Imperatives for Sustenance of Agricultural Economy in the Mountains: A Prototype from Jammu & Kashmir
S.H. Baba, M.H. Wani, B.A. Zargar and H.A. Malik
How Profitable is Cultivation of Rainfed Crops? Some Insights from Cost of Cultivation Studies
A. Narayanamoorthy, P. Alli and R. Suresh
Technical Efficiency of Fish Farms in West Bengal: Nature, Extent and Implications
J. Misra and S.R. Misra
Counter-Cyclical Payments under Doha Negotiations: An Analysis of Agricultural Subsidy Programme of the US
S.K. Sharma
ICTs Adoption for Accessing Agricultural Information: Evidence from Indian Agriculture
B. Das
Role of Technology and Credit in Improving Farm Incomes in Rainfed Regions in Andhra Pradesh
C.A.R. Rao, J. Samuel, S. Kumar, B.M.K. Raju, R. Dupdal and B. Venkateswarlu
Price Transmission along the Cotton Value Chain
C. Sundaramoorthy, V.C. Mathur and G.K. Jha
Forecasting Wholesale Price of Pigeon Pea Using Long Memory Time-Series Models
R.K. Paul
Emission Taxes as a GHG Mitigation Mechanism in Agriculture: Effects on Rice Production of India
Y.P. Gayatri and M. Jose
Impact of Climate Change on Yields of Major Food Crops in India: Implications for Food Security
Pratap Birthal, Md Tajuddin Khan, D.S. Negi and S. Agarwal

2014, issue 1

Table of Contents
Income Sources of Farm Households in India: Determinants, Distributional Consequences and Policy Implications
Pratap Birthal, Digvijay S. Negi, Awadesh K. Jha and Dhiraj Singh
Economic Evaluation of Drip-fertigation System in Banana cv. Martaman (AAB, Silk) Cultivation in New Alluvium Zone of West Bengal
Sanjit Pramanik, S.K. Tripathi, R. Ray and Hirak Banerjee
Impact of Plant Variety Protection on Indian Seed Industry
P. Venkatesh and Suresh Pal
An Economic Assessment of Fish and Prawn Health Management in Andhra Pradesh
B.S. Viswanatha, Ramachandra Bhatta and K.M. Shankar
Welfare Gains from Application of First Generation Biotechnology in Indian Agriculture: The Case of Bt Cotton
P. Ramasundaram, A. Suresh, Josily Samuel and Shwetal Wankhade
Do Different Approaches to Measurement of Risk Behaviour Yield Different Results?
Hari K. Choudhury and Kishor Goswami
Public and Private Capital Formation and Agricultural Growth in India: State Level Analysis of Inter-linkages during Pre- and Post-reform Periods
Seema Bathla
Input Subsidy vs Farm Technology — Which is More Important for Agricultural Development?
Praduman Kumar and Pramod Joshi

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